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Auxiliary Sound Test
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Album Art By: vanesinger
Thanks, Vanessa! :D

And so, here it is.  

I've tried hard up until this point.  Really hard.  Remember what I said about Every Day Journey being me finding my style, Western Star Battle Disco wars being me applying my style, and then whatever next song set I do should be me perfecting it?  Well, along came The WaterRoom, but as much as I love it, it's a short EP, with all tunes holding similar concepts and sound.  I don't feel I had enough time, a wide enough template, or enough tunes in there to really cover it all.

But now we arrive at Auxiliary Sound Test.  I knew it would take the same hard work I put into The WaterRoom, but I also knew I had to add more variation than that.  A wider selection and variety of sound.  Longer, fuller tunes.  Better dynamics overall.

The theme of this set is pretty simple, though it's a dual theme.  First off, half of it is a sound test, like those you would find in a video-game options menu.  You know, the kind where you can play back all the songs from the game.  Tunes like "Star Battle Boogie" and "Experimental Machine Pilot" are examples, which should be obvious as they loop back to the start just like real game songs.  Secondly, the other half of the set deals with musical tropes in general, hence the Auxiliary in the album title.  "This Song Is Not A Filler...No, Really!" is an ironic meta-song, for example.    "Pip-step" is dubstep influenced pip-squeak tune (psqueak a.k.a me!).  The title "Twelfth Notes And Tuplets~" pokes fun at the fact that no twelfth-note really exists in music, though triplet eighth notes would technically equal that.  Though honestly, since the whole tune is actually written in triplets, with 4 sets to a measure, you might say it's in 12/8 time anyway.  Ha!

I gave a lot of thought to the song titles and the songs themselves.  And I put quite a bit of work into them.  Time limitations due to personal things in my life forced me to pump these out sooner than I wanted, so they're not as polished as they could be.  However, they're here and ready for your listening anyway, and even so, I can honestly say that it might just be the best GoophBaLL / PsQueak project to date.


Testing- testing- one two three