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NEW ALBUM- "Persistent-State World"

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6. Gibberish


Mid Quality

7. Third Party Party


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8. FireRoom


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9. Theorycraft


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10. Kinetic RNG


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11. OHKO


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12. Another Day Journey


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13. Some Chippy Dubhoppin Beepfunkstep


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14. The Lost WaterRoom ("Flowing Waves" - Credits)


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How is it possible that it's been 6 or 7 long years since I've updated this page? You know, the last few years have really been something in my life. I've found out a lot about my passions, my purpose, and who I am. That's no different when it comes to things like making tunes, as well.

I started doing this shortly out of high school as a creative outlet, and haven't truly ever stopped. But even then it was a long learning process. I look back at this page and see some of my favorite creations in some tune sets that are as old as 15 years. That's not including the countless that have never been shared. It's funny reading my album descriptions and remembering the days of me really trying to find my style. But it seems after the "GOOPHCORE" set, I just stopped. Why? I don't know. I've done a few singles here and there over the past seven or eight years, but nothing of the effort of a full album. I think it could have been a mix of things - becoming fully busy in life, new interests, and also just not being sure how I could top "GOOPHCORE" as an album. Singles just became the way to go.

But here we are. When the timing is right for something, it happens. Despite all this time, I've found myself back at it again. With a clearer mind, though. It feels like my tune sets from before were mostly deliberate in nature, all of them. Every Day Journey and Western Star Battle Disco Wars were about finding my style and picking it apart. WaterRoom about honing in on a particular theme. Auxiliary Sound Test about having my more solidified style as the focus and making my game influence totally known, as well as shooting for clarity in quality. All My Styles and Desktop Rhythms about mixing my style with various ideas/genres/moods, and GOOPHCORE about putting a name to it all, with a large showcase of different ends of the gaming and contemporary spectrums working together.

I feel like I "did" what I always wanted to after GOOPHCORE. It was the sound I'd been trying to put together since the days of Every Day Journey, with all those sets between being discovery. I'd answered the question to myself that my brain was subconsciously asking itself since day one of me picking up tune creation, that question being "If you yourself could make tunes, what would your definition of a really cool tune sound like?" I learned what many of those cool things to me are, and that's why to my own tastes, GOOPHCORE is great from beginning to end. But with answering that question for myself, I think I closed a door on my own curiosity. I'd answered the question.

So then, what of Persistent-State World? Why is it here? Why did I make this? I think those few standalone singles I did over the past few years (the likes of "Orphic", "The Minute", and "WRX" to name a few), ironically, taught me one thing. That thing being, that now I can do this on my own time. For my own enjoyment. That's probably why I really REALLY enjoy those few tunes I've done over the past few years too. For the first time since making tunes, I wasn't asking myself a question. I was just making tunes. My tune "Pew, Pew, Pew!" is just a tune with a concept, but I wasn't questioning things about the tune the entire time I made it, nor do particular questions come to mind when listening. I just think it's catchy.

Persistent-State World is that exact concept magnified. An urge to put out a tune set has been creeping up for some years now, and I'd been picking in old project files for a long time, on my own time (I have hundreds literally started as simple catchy loops). As time went on, I realized that a few of these light-hearted loops had potential. And just... I don't know, it clicked recently - I wanted to finish some tunes again. A feeling I'd only had once or twice a year for a single tune, I was feeling towards MANY projects at once. And as I picked at them and picked at them, I knew the time was right. I knew I wasn't just making over a dozen singles - I was making a whole set.

So, Persistent-State World is the answer to a question I didn't ever ask. But an obvious question. "What does my natural tune making, without a question behind it, sound like?" That's Persistent-State World. It's the follow up to everything else, even GOOPHCORE, as GOOPHCORE did have a personal purpose behind it. Persistent-State World, with that in mind, might actually be my first true tune set. This is just me making tunes that I think sound really cool.

That's all it is. There's NOTHING but that here. Just me and "yo that sounds cool" moments. There are NO errors here, musically or mechanically. There can't be, because everything I hear here, I think sounds really cool. Even in spots where I painted the trees red and sky yellow, the point is my ears are like "yo that's cool". At this point, I'm my own main audience. No questions to answer, no goals to prove. Just the bare Gooph mind.

The more things change, the more they stay the same