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"Every Day Journey"
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Every Day Journey
Wake Up, Go To Sleep
Album Art Courtesy: Lauren Hinkes
"Every Day Journey" is a project I started with the theme of "Everyday" in my brain.  Different things you do everyday were the inspiration.  Waking up, talking on the phone, cooking - whatever you do.
Each song is named for what it represents.  Some have more abstract names than others.  Diligence & Operation is the song about school/work, Take 3 For Break is about whatever break time you have while there, Home Free is the song about coming home and arriving, and WaterRoom is the tune about showering.  The others should be more straightforward.
Two songs didn't get totally finished - I had a system crash and lost all my project files.  What you have is the unmastered, uneditted soundtrack.  I'm sorry for the (likely) terrible quality of "Hello Friend" and "This Concludes Our Every Day Journey" - but trust me, my computer crashing made me a lot more sadder than what it makes you.  )':
This is the last album made with the "PsQueak" monicker.

Every Day Journey

01 - Mornin' Sunshine

02 - Get Ready!

03 - Diligence & Operation

04 - Take 3 For Break

05 - Home Free

06 - WaterRoom

07 - Let's Cook Something!

08 - Insert Daily Chores

09 - Dial Tones

10 - Hello Friend

11 - R.E.L.A.X

12 - Sweet Dreams, This Concludes Our Every Day Journey

Tomorrow we're gonna do it again