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GOOPHCORE (2015/2016)
You thought it was over.  You thought it was done.  You thought the BaLL would never get rolling again.

But here we are.

Over time we've gone on every day journeys and fought western star battle disco wars.  Conducted auxiliary sound tests while picking apart all my styles and various desktop rhythms.  But what has defined the music?

The coherency of my tunes is something both rigid and broad.  GoophBaLL music, what is it?  It wouldn't be totally incorrect to say video game music, but at the same time, it isn't always.  A song like "That Really Cool But Stupidly Hard Stage" is composed to be pure BGM for a game- it even loops like game music.  But, take a tune such as "Good Vibes" with little game influence whatsoever, and things get muddy.  Even still, a tune such as "Bitz N Piecez", while using a few video game influences in sound and buildup, isn't actually made to be game music, and stylistically pulls from another style of music (dubstep). Which, that's another thing. What style does GoophBaLL music follow? Is it industrial?  Is it instrumental hip-hop? Dubstep? Drum and Bass? Rock, jazz, blues? Techno? The tunes tend to fly around from genre to genre, with varying degrees of game-hood between.  You can't lock it as VGM or BGM, and you can't lock it as one genre.  So then, what IS GoophBaLL music?

It's all of this.  Simply.  A tune might be 100 percent chip-style but stylistically composed to be bluesy.  It might have a pure hip-hop beat with vintage chip music backings, 50/50, but a random guitar or saxophone might sneak in the mix as well.  Maybe the tune starts off with a swing feel, or rock, and then shifts over into techno, and falls into dubstep?  It's any combination of anything ever.

That's what GoophBaLL music does, and that's what it is.  It's simply tunes put together that takes influence from everything I love.  Meaning all styles of music, and video games. No it doesn't have a pure genre, no it can't be pinpointed. It just is what it is.  But, if you just have to have a label for it...well, GOOPHCORE would suffice.



174 MB - 79 Minutes